How does therapy work?


We consider your privacy to be extremely important. Maintaining confidentiality is part of our Code of Ethics. The only exception to keeping your information private this is where we are legally and ethically obliged to share necessary information in extreme situations, such as if you are at risk of causing serious harm to yourself or others. However, even then we will strive to share only necessary information with services or individuals who can help keep you or others safe, and we will always try to discuss this with you first if possible. Psychologists (like other professionals) must also report concerns of abuse of children. You can give your psychologist permission to share information with others, for example, where you have requested a report, or wish your psychologist to discuss your case with another health professional, family member, teacher or anyone else.

Our commitment to confidentiality means that we will never be offended if you don't say hello if we bump into each other at the supermarket!

What is a clinical psychologist?

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